Bankruptcy Basics: What You Should Know When Considering A Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Basics Free Book

If you are on our website, you are probably facing financial difficulty and an uncertain financial future. You may have determined that you cannot reorganize your finances alone and you need professional help. In addition, this is likely an emotional time for you.

Sometimes, people consider bankruptcy because they overspend. But more often than not, you have lived through an event which has temporarily affected your income or permanently altered your standard of living. You may have lost a job, divorced your spouse, lost a loved one, lost your business or incurred substantial medical expenses.

We are here to help. In this booklet we will attempt to answer common bankruptcy questions. Of course, we encourage you to email us at [email protected] or [email protected] should you have any questions or concerns. However, the best way to determine whether bankruptcy can help you is to set an appointment with us. The initial consultation is free. Please call our office at (214)696-9601 for your appointment.