Billy D. Price

Billy D. Price
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One of my biggest strengths is my experience and patience. My style is to discuss a client's options fully and extensively and advise the client by giving an honest opinion and a list of pros and cons. However, whether to continue is ultimately the client's decision.


Although I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, it was difficult to get there. My family could not afford to send me to college and I paid my tuition myself. In addition, I met and married my wife when I was 21 and we had both our children by the time I was 24. Consequently, I could not spend all my disposable income on my education.

I began college at 18 and finished when I was 27. During this time I often worked 80 hour weeks to support my family. I also knew I would need nearly all A's on my college transcript to obtain admission to law school, in addition to working long hours I spent my spare time in school, and I did not see my family often. When I went to law school, my wife and children stayed in our hometown so my wife would not receive a reduction in her salary.

Meanwhile, I went to school in another city and drove home on the weekends. During my second year, my family moved with me to law school. I finally graduated law school when I was 31: It had taken many years to reach my goal and lots of hard work. These experiences taught me the value of patience and tenacity. Because of this, I am a better lawyer today.

I enjoy politics, sports, movies, family, and pets; particularly dogs.


  • Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13


  • Better Business Bureau of Greater Dallas with an A+ rating


  • State Bar of Texas.


  • Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law, Texas Board Of Legal Specialization