North Texas Bankruptcy Lawyers Ease Your Financial Burdens

Responsive Dallas attorneys guide you through the filing that works best for you

At Price and Price Law, P.C. in Dallas, our skilled and caring attorneys have more than 34 years of legal experience enabling clients to end creditor harassment and start a new chapter by filing for bankruptcy. We take great pride in counseling North Texas clients about their financial situation and contributing to a legal process designed to help deserving people overcome their difficulties. Over more than two decades, we have seen that most people who seek our assistance in filing for bankruptcy do so because of a situation outside of their control: they’ve lost jobs, suffered medical emergencies, gone through divorce, or faced other significant life events. If you’re struggling to stay ahead of your debt, now is the time to make a change. We will personalize a program to meet your objectives and handle each step of the bankruptcy process on your behalf.

Attorneys manage Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the discharge of debts

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the answer for many people who believe that they have run out of financial options. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you understand each aspect of this U.S. Bankruptcy Court procedure, including:

  • Eligibility — If you haven’t filed for bankruptcy over the previous six to eight years, you can seek to discharge your debts through Chapter 7 if your income falls below that determined by a means test. If your assets and earnings exceed the legal limit, Chapter 13 debt consolidation may be an option.
  • Filing and the automatic stay — We will prepare a filing promptly to activate an automatic stay from the court. This stops communications from creditors and debt collection actions such as wage garnishment pending the authorization of a bankruptcy plan by the court.
  • Creditors’ meeting — Each creditor is contacted after the filing. A court-appointed bankruptcy trustee then holds a meeting where you and your creditors can discuss the various claims.
  • Discharge of debts — Property that is nonexempt is accumulated by the bankruptcy trustee with the value distributed among your creditors in exchange for a full discharge of your debt. Some debts, however, such as child support, taxes and student loans, are usually not dischargeable through bankruptcy.

This fresh start is such a powerful tool that in some instances it even improves clients’ credit standings. If you are unsure about moving ahead, we will discuss how the details apply to your case in a free initial consultation.

Assisting income-earning clients with Chapter 13 debt consolidation

In some cases, people earning a regular income still struggle to catch up to what they owe. When this occurs, or when someone cannot pass the means test for Chapter 7 discharge, they may file for Chapter 13. This filing halts collection actions and allows filers to make their payments according to a court-approved schedule over three or five years. That plan can give you the breathing room and peace of mind you need to resolve your debt in a way that works for everyone. Our attorneys can prepare the necessary schedule of assets and liabilities and represent you in the confirmation hearing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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